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Shengshou 7x7x7 Linglong mini - World record cube


Product Description

Shengshou Linglong 7x7x7 Puzzle

Shengshou are well known for the excellent quality of their high order puzzle cubes, and the mini 7x7 is no exception. This puzzle is the current fastest solve world record cube.

With excellent turning quality considering its size and complexity, this puzzle is sure to give you many hours of puzzling pleasure at a great price.

Smaller than the standard 7x7, at 69mm, the Linglong is designed for speedcubers, but is fun for any puzzles solver.


Product Videos

Demonstration: Shengshou LingLong min 7x7x7 puzzle cube 01:40

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Product Reviews

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  1. Decent 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2017

    This is my first 7x7, aand it's great. I've had it for less than a day but is already great. It is reletavely small and feels like it could break at any second (but it hasn't yet...) so thats why I've given it 4 stars.

    P.s. It isn't particularly fast, so for speed cubers wanting a really speedy puzzle, this isn't the one... On the outer edge you can do finger tricks, but not on the center ones

  2. Pretty good 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2016

    The puzzle turns reasonably smoothly, although it needs a bit of breaking in, and some of the tensions were uneven, and it came smothered in lube, as is normal with Shengshou puzzles. Really fun to solve, and I have had no catches or pops yet, and it cuts corners about as much as you can expect a 7x7x7 to and it has what I feel to be a good tolerance for misalignment.

  3. Beautiful Puzzle 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2016

    This puzzle is a great choice for casual solvers and speed cubers alike. Personally I enjoy casually solving this puzzle at a relaxed pace (about an hour although I could probably do a rushed half hour speed solve).

    If you do intend to speed solve the puzzle, the turning quality of the puzzle is great and the puzzle is very stable (it doesn't feel like it will fall apart any time soon). As with all cubes of this size and this many pieces, if you intend to speed solve the cube be sure layers are aligned before turning the cube and never force the cube where it doesn't turn. However, even with a bit of mistreatment, it will take a lot to pop this puzzle. As far as the corner cutting goes, it'll cut just less than a cubie and a much smaller amount reverse but what do you expect from a cube with 212 moving pieces (although I don't own any other 7x7x7 cubes). As for whether its the best 7x7x7 on the market I can't comment as I only own this one (if you are really serious about your 7x7x7 time I suggest you do further research), however it is certainly not a bad choice if you do decide to get this puzzle.

    As far as the size is concerned, the small size allows you to hold it in your hands without having to stretch them. This means you can comfortably turn layers without tiring your hands. The downside of this however, is the layers are very small themselves and cannot easily be turned individually. This means it is difficult to flick individual layers on their own and therefore instead I recommend instead turning x amount of layers from the size and then turning back x-1 layers if you wish to turn an individual layer.

    For casual solvers like me I definitely think this is worth the price because it overall has a great feeling to it and is a pleasure to solve.

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